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Guide Canyon Chartreuse

Vincent Kirbiller

Independent Canyon Guide

  • Holder of the  DEJEPS mention Canyoning

  • Federal Instructor of the French School of Canyoning of the French Federation of Speleology

  • First Aid Instructor (Firefighters, French Red Cross...)


Travel the canyons in the 4 corners of the planet for fifteen years.

Active member of the French Speleology Federation and its French Canyon School, I have been involved at the national level for many years in training executives and practitioners (personal training, executive training, rescue training) but also for writing manuals techniques, pedagogical references, the development of specific tools and the technical expertise of the activity

My vision of the activity:


You want to stay with family, friends, no problem: I favor canyon descents in small groups!

And, if there are many of you, we will supervise you together to avoid waiting times and promote the fun side!

I always have the objective that you are actors of your activity. Also, I am committed to teaching you how to evolve in the canyon: moving on a rope, abseiling, how to jump, how to slide....
I won't grind you down the waterfalls like "potato sacks"!  I favor autonomy, allowing everyone to manage their progress in the environment and master their abseiling.
One watchword: safety. No jump is compulsory, nor any slide.


You don't know which canyon to choose?


No worries, I'll help you make your choice, based on your location, experience, expectations, physical condition, weather and group composition.


You don't want to find yourself in a "tourist factory"?

That's good, me neither! I will offer you canyons less traveled by the guides, or I will shift the departure times so as not to find yourself in the middle of the crowds and to be able to calmly enjoy what the canyon offers us.

Canyoning Chartreuse

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