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Before leaving

First of all, to practice canyoning, it is imperative to know how to swim.


For a descent in serenity, here is the list of equipment to bring:

  • A bottle of water 0.5 to 1l

  • A picnic for day trips, a snack to prevent peckishness

  • A swimsuit

  • A towel and its change for the exit

  • A pair of sports shoes or hiking shoes to go in the water . No water shoes or "beach" shoes  and not too small because you have to accommodate your feet and neoprene slippers :)

  • We can provide you with a pair of shoes suitable for canyoning (from size 36 to 46) for €5 (to be specified the day before the outing at the latest)

Canyon Gorges de Chailles

We will provide you with:


  • A two-piece 5mm neoprene wetsuit

  • A pair of neoprene slippers

  • A helmet

  • A harness

  • The photos of the outing sent  by email

Canyoning Chartreuse

do not hesitate to contact us


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