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All the information you need to prepare your canyoning trip in Savoie and Isère

  • What are the prerequisites
    You need to be able to swim to go canyoning.
  • What equipment do I need?
    For a peaceful descent, here is the list of equipment to bring: a 0.5l to 1 liter bottle of water A picnic for day trips, or Cakes or cereal bars for half-day outings A swimsuit Towel and change of clothes for the outing A pair of sports or hiking shoes for water. No water shoes or beach shoes, and not too small to accommodate your feet and neoprene socks :) We can provide you with a pair of shoes suitable for canyoning (size 35 to 46) for €5 (to be specified the day before the outing at the latest).
  • What equipment is provided?
    We will provide you with: A two-piece 5mm neoprene wetsuit A pair of neoprene socks A helmet A harness Photos of the outing sent by email
  • What are the conditions of sale?
    Click here to view the general conditions.
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