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Canyoning with friends

I propose you below canyons adapted to outings with friends. Canyon courts for beginners, to the most intense canyons in sensations.

Depending on your location, your desires and your level, I could recommend canyons in the Vercors, in Chartreuse or in other mountains.  there is what it takes.

Canyon du Grenant

Located in Savoie, this canyon will delight young and old alike


Abseils, jumps, slides, the most complete canyon in the region

Course suitable for children from 8 years old


Duration :


Location :

La Bridoire 73520 (Savoie)

Price: €55 incl. tax / person

€50 incl. VAT / pers for groups  from 5 or more people

Canyon of the Chailles Gorges

Come face the turbulent waters of the Guiers.

A canyon for adults! Many jumps are on the program, abseiling and swimming.


A setting worthy of pirates of the Caribbean: Natural arch, long reaches, emulsified water will be on the program!!!


Open from early June


Duration :

  • 4 to 5h


Location :

Les Echelles 73360 (Savoie)


Prices :

Half day :

  • 80€ incl. tax / person

  • 75€ TTC / pers for groups of 5 or more

Infernet Canyon

A stone's throw from Grenoble, located at the foot of the Chartreuse massif, this short but impressive canyon will not leave you indifferent.

A first abseil of 30m will take you into the bowels of the canyon. All this with jumps and slides.


Duration : 3h00


Location :

Quaix en chartreuse 38950 (Isère)


Price: €55 incl. VAT / Person

50€ TTC / Pers for groups made up of 5 people

Ecouges Canyon II

One of the most beautiful and interesting descent of the Vercors by its diversity.

Abseils, jumps and slides alternate, with very aesthetic passages and light effects.


Duration : 4h00



Saint Gervais 38470 (Isere)


Price: €55 incl. VAT / Person

50€ TTC / Pers for groups made up of 5 people

Versoud Canyon

 A concentrate of canyoning, ideal for discovering the activity!


Abseils, jumps, follow one another quickly. Little walk in this canyon which turns out to be very playful.


Course very suitable with children from 8 years old.


Duration: 2h30


Location: La Rivière 38210 (Isère)

Price: €50 incl. tax / person

45€ TTC / Pers for groups made up of 5 people

Canyon of the Alloix

Come and face the alloix canyon and its 40m waterfall!

Rappel under waterfall and toboggan are on the program. A very beautiful Chartreuse canyon to do in the spring.

Duration :


Location :

Saint Vincent de Mercuze 38660  (Isère)


Price: €55 incl. tax / person

€50 incl. tax / pers for groups  from 5 people

Canyon du Léoncel

Entre le Vercors et la Drôme, le Léoncel vous offrira un magnifique parcours en foret, à la journée.


Rappels, sauts, toboggans se descendent dans un cadre végétal rare ! Une ambiance jungle qui vous dépaysera.


Temps de parcours :

5h (sortie à la journée)


Localisation :

Oriol en royans 26190 (Drôme)


Tarifs :




  • 75€ TTC / pers

  • 70€ TTC / pers pour les groupes constitués  à partir de 5 personnes

Canyoning Chartreuse

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