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The Canyon, what is it?

Canyoning consists of descending the bed of a river.


This aquatic "hike" consists of a walk in varied terrain: swimming, natural slides, rappels and/or jumps (never compulsory) which follow one another along the watercourse.


You will evolve in an unusual environment with its unique fauna, flora and mineral environment.


The diversity of existing canyons will allow you to find the one best suited to your expectations:

from the most playful, to the "sensational" one, from the family, mainly sporty, half-day or full-day,   …


We will offer you canyoning outings, on the Vercors, the Chartreuse, in Isère, in Savoie,   while ensuring your safety by our team of state-certified canyon instructors.

Canyon de l'Infernet Grenoble
Canyon de Oscuros de Balces
Canyon des Ecouges 2
Canyoning Chartreuse

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